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Our Mission

Our Mission

It is our mission to develop and distribute software applications that automate high frequency human transactions occurring naturally in the world today.

Efficiency & Integrity

Our applications provide a medium for the transactions to occur more efficiently with a higher level of integrity and protection for parties involved.


Transactions should always be win-win, leveraging automation to provide reduced cost and increased opportunity for parties involved.


SymbiAutic’s products create symbiosis between humans and technology through the automation of naturally occurring transactions. Our innovative solutions provide new efficiencies and win-win opportunities.

  • APRIL 15, 2015

    SymbiAutic, Corp Begins

    From humble beginnings, with bold ideas, SymbiAutic was incorporated. At SymbiAutic, we do not believe there is a scarcity of resources, only a scarcity of creativity. Through the bold dreams of our founding team, we seek to provide creative solutions that grow the pie.

  • SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

    The design of our first product, ToolShed, was completed and software development work began. With more than 50 years of software development experience (web, application, hardware, and mobile) the team began to code the application and meticulously write automated tests.

  • FEBRUARY 10, 2018

    ToolShed was launched in the US market for the dominate mobile platforms of Android and iOS. With a high viral coefficient and growth oriented marketing strategy ToolShed began to spread across the US while localization for other markets continued.

  • 2018 AND BEYOND

    SymbiAutic will strategically launch its ToolShed solution across planned international markets. The next solution, code named WLEP, will be completed and launched globally.

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Our Amazing Team

Jason Love

President and Founder

Kirk Love

Software Architecture and Devlopment

Rafael Oliveira

Mobile and Web Developer

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